Cambodia Highball: “I Told You I Was Broken”

highballAfter many attempts at a cohesive musical collaboration, which over the years includes beer-thwarted jam sessions, long distance, musical differences, and general malaise, Cambodia Highball has finally taken flight.  It’s been a long, worn road for sure, but the musical weirdness that myself, J. Hubner, and graphic designer and musician Shane Darin Page call Cambodia Highball is in full swing. We’re far from being done with a full-length LP, but after only a month of Saturday afternoon jam and improv sessions we’re extremely excited with the results.

Four songs in so far, and the musical styles range from ambient and atmospheric to dark and psychedelic.  There’s beat up rock n’ roll, and dreamy pop flourishes.  There’s no set agenda or genre that we’re going for.  What we’re after is the process of creation being documented.  Pollack splattering the paint, as it were.  Artists like Can, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane fed our inspiration to lock into improvisational grooves;  while Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, and the Flaming Lips gave us a platform for expansiveness and taking a song as far as it wants to go.  There’s definitely some psych rock and stoner rock tendencies(as you’ll hear), but Cambodia Highball isn’t about genres or sub-genres.  More than anything, we just love making music with no distractions.  No agendas.  No limitations.  If we had a mission statement, it would read simply: “Let the music take you where it may.”

Cambodia Highball is J. Hubner and Shane Darin Page.  Each song represents one recording session.  Everything is improvised, recorded, engineered, and mixed in one afternoon with no tinkering after the fact.  “I Told You I Was Broken” is the first release from the full-length debut.  It was mastered by J. Hubner at Basement Sound.

11 Replies to “Cambodia Highball: “I Told You I Was Broken””

  1. New audio crack! I’m applying the mission statement to my listening experience and I’m going to let the music take me where it may.

    So I’ll be expecting more *ahem*

    By the way, that guitar around 4 is a simple oriental art nouveau black line flowing out of the painting.


  2. Wow. I guessed Black Angels and I was right. Oh, it’s not derivative or copying or anything. I can see that.

    Short version: excellent.

    Longer version: I love the guitar layers and how each guitar has a different purpose and a sufficiently different sound to sound like stew, not pureed soup. The whiny brink-of-feedback-explosion guitar in the back and/or right (when I noticed it) is spectacular. The repetitive chords/bass avoid the monotony that sometimes can plague bands like Wooden Shjips.

    I have small doubts about the drums. The basic rhythm is right and works, but I like a little more variation/fills. That said, once I had that thought while listening, it faded fast even as the drums remained the mostly metronomic rarely-filled sound that they always had.

    Yes, I used a relatively large amount of space on my quibble, but that quibble accounts for only 5% of my opinion. The rest is REALLY good and better than a LOT of what gets big indie-label releases.


    1. Yeah, when you said Black Angels last week I had to chuckle, as it definitely came out as something they’d write. They certainly weren’t a blueprint when we recorded it, but the spirit is certainly there.

      Yeah, the drums were pretty much a timekeeper on this. Wasn’t going for too much variation in that department…that way the focus was on the noises/atmosphere. Love that you picked up on the details of what was going on in the background and the surrounding head space. I take pride in those little details.

      Well, I will say we’re heading in the right direction. At least not the wrong direction. Thanks for your always valuable input and opinion, sir Orange!!


      1. We have four songs done at the moment. Maybe mid summer? I’m hoping that soon at least. As long as the recording sessions go as smoothly as they have been we should be set for July/August.


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