“She Found Now”


It’s been awhile since I spun this record, so it’s time.

Guarantee this will be in my top five records of the year. No doubt in my mind. There’s so much to get lost to on this album. I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed when I listen to this record. The time and work Kevin Shields put into not only the songs themselves, but the engineering, mixing, mastering, and general bloody ulcers he inherited from it are hard to imagine.

Thanks for the hard work, Kevin. Here’s to me being alive for another MBV album release.

2 thoughts on ““She Found Now”

  1. I also love this album. It reignited my love affair with “Loveless”, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. I shudder to think of all the lost material that Shields shelved in the 90s–some say at least two completed albums–and we had to wait 22 years for “mbv.” Oh well, it was most definitely worth the wait.


    1. I can’t imagine the amount of music that was shelved and may never see the light of day.

      I think mbv was the roadblock he needed to get past. He has stated he has a new album with current songs nearly done as well, as mbv was pretty old material. We can dream of a MBV album for the near future. Until then, mbv is more than filling the void.


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