The Vickers

Vickers-600x473So I woke up this morning to find an email from a band located in Florence, Italy, asking if I’d check out their “new trippy and visionary video” for a song called “She’s Lost”.  Well, I get emails all the time from bands wanting me to check out their albums and bless them with a spot right here on Mr. Homme, stop emailing me or I’ll get in touch with the police).  I figured this would be just another in a long line of bands hoping for fame given to them by my golden words anointed upon their psychedelic sounds…..

No, actually that really doesn’t happen.  And Mr. Homme, I won’t send any more Polaroids( I told the authorities the same thing).  So when a band that I’ve never heard of sends me an email asking if I’d check out their music, I jump at the chance.  It actually freaks me out , I have to say.  I mean, me?  You want me to check out your music?  And you’re from Italy?  Well, how could I not?

So The Vickers.  I’m not sure if the video they produced is visionary, but it’s pretty cool.  What’s really important is the song, and “She’s Lost” is killer.  It’s a great mix of krautrock motorik beat, hazy psychedelics, and pop grandeur rolled into 4 1/2 minutes of analog warmth.  The vocals are very reminiscent of John Lennon, via Kevin Parker on a Beatles binge.  The drums and bass roll along and carry the song steadily so the guitars, vocals, and atmospherics can let your mind wander in the field of poppies.  There’s some great jazzy drum fills at the end, too.  He can keep a steady beat, but he can also break things up when needed.  So far, they have a 7in single you can buy, so I’d say head here and buy it pronto.  I know I’m going to.

I don’t have much information on these guys, other than they’re a psych band(well, yeah) and they formed in Florence, Italy.  The person that emailed me is named Andrea.  That’s all I know.  Oh, and I know they’re a great band.  Listen for yourself below.  Keep tuned to as I will have a feature about The Vickers just as soon as they answer my way too personal questions.  Ooh, and make sure you check out their great cover of one of my favorite Beatles songs off of my favorite Beatles record.  Yeah, it’s down there, too.

6 Replies to “The Vickers”

  1. I must be in my bass-attentive phase, because I thought it was an interesting combo of the distorted haze of well-done psych and a clear clean bass.

    Also, interesting that their from Florence (one of the most amazingly beautiful places in the world) and they do a video with images from Paris (which I’ve heard is … you know … OK). Would Fort Wayne seem exotic to me? I wonder.


      1. I can be an easy sell, though. Bowling Green seemed pretty interesting and Indianopolis pretty gross so Fort Wayne has to be demographically somewhere in between. Besides, I’m dying to see if there’s a noticeably large use of orthopedic devices around there … some day, maybe.


      2. Indy is pretty shady. It has its bright spots, and one of my favorite record shops(Luna Music). But overall, it’s a rather dumpy. Don’t know much about Bowling Green(the Ohio or UK version).

        There are lots of old folks in this area, and I’m sure a good portion of them are sporting partial or full knee replacements…we won’t even talk about the hip replacements.


      3. I actually visited the Indiana version as a kid on a death march (death-drive actually). As a kid, I was fascinated. Of course, the name might have something to do with it. As an adult, I actually only saw Indy from the highway which is probably the dark part of every city.


      4. Nothing pretty about Indianapolis from I465. It’s ugly everywhere you look. Indy is nothing more than a metropolis stuck in a cornfield. Nothing great about that. There’s some pretty cool nooks and crannies in Indianapolis. Just have to know where to look. I had the best reuben sandwich in Indy. Shapiros deli. The best. Even better than what I had in New York.


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