America, America is killing its youth”…

11 thoughts on “America, America is killing its youth”…

  1. Were you like me and, once you heard the opening track said, “THAT’S where that came from!” I swear I’d heard Ghost Rider on a bazillion other albums (like one of M.I.A.’s albums). Perfect for a song or two, but, in my opinion, hard to handle in back-to-back full album listening sessions.


    1. Yeah I think that was my reaction, actually.

      If I didn’t have to hear ten minutes of Vega screaming on side two I could easily listen all the way through.

      I think its starting to wear on me. I feel like shooting heroin in a dank alley on the lower east side. Or get in a knife fight in the Bowery.


    1. Side A is pretty much bulletproof to my ears. And “Keep Your Dreams” is a great way to wrap it all up. First time I played it last night I let “Frankie Teardrop” play in its entirety with my wife and oldest daughter sitting on the couch pretending someone wasn’t dying in the speakers as the screams began. Second time I skipped Frankie.

      Great record!


      1. Yup ‘Frankie’ is another one on the shortlist to be played at my funeral, twice. If I’m not having any fun, why should they!


      2. Thanks, I want some proper misery and mourning, hopefully some wailing too, none of that ‘celebrating my life’ stuff for me.


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