Ten Years Gone

Audrey JeanI can’t believe how fast the last ten years have gone by.  That’s no more apparent than when I look at my kids.  We celebrated our oldest daughter turning 13 last week.  A milestone in the life of a kid.  The kid turns to a teen, and the parent turns slightly less cool than they were before.  Well, yesterday our second oldest turned 10.

Ten years ago yesterday we entered the hospital around 7am and proceeded to wait for the entire day while our Audrey Jean decided when she was ready to come out into the world.  It was a long day.  Lots of lousy daytime television and maybe some cards.  I can’t recall.  But finally after a day of waiting, napping, pushing, more pushing, and visits from grandparents and fellow mothers-to-be, Audrey decided it was time.  I’ll never forget the moment, for it was a birth unlike any we experienced with either of our other kids.  You see, Audrey was a big baby.  We knew going in that day that she was a big bundle of joy(my wife attests her size to several trips to the frozen custard stand in town…two trips in one day so the legend goes), but once Audrey was in the birth canal and ready to “go towards the light” as it were, we knew it was not just heresay.  I can remember very vividly standing next to my wife encouraging her to do the breathing thing, telling her she was doing great in-between the doctor telling her to push, push, push.  Audrey wasn’t delivering as quickly as they wanted her to.  So before I realized it, the nurse was literally on top of my wife pressing down on her stomach in order to pop our Audrey out like a cork.  There was a certain amount of panic I was feeling at that point, suddenly thinking they may have to do a c-section.  Was my wife or our baby in danger?  But before I could work myself up into a full-on panic attack out popped our Audrey Jean, all 10lbs, 3oz of her.  She was a beautiful baby girl.  She was our crying sack of potatoes.

Audrey Jean can be the most  bull-headed kid you’d ever meet, but she is also the sweetest kid you’d ever meet.  She thinks about everyone around her before herself.  Whenever she has money she wants to spend it on every0ne, not just herself.  She’s also the kid with the common sense in the house.  While her sister borders on genius, Audrey is like the street smart kid.  She calls bullsh*t when she sees it, never letting her older, brainiac sis pull the wool over her eyes.  She’s always offering to help me around the house.  She’s my record flipper as well.  She knows when an album is going to end and she’s waiting patiently to flip it so we can keep the tunes spinning.

Ten years gone?  No, ten years gained.  Ten years with one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever known.  She makes me proud.  Oh, so very proud.


14 Replies to “Ten Years Gone”

  1. From the package of related posts you seem to be successfully parenting your way into obsolescence or, more positively, the role of patriarch of a clan of Hubner relatives. That’s a good thing, excellent even.


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