“My empire of dirt”…


For some reason, this one seemed like a good album to throw on this evening.

After all these years I’m amazed at how modern it still sounds. The Bowie-isms mixed with the early industrial grind that Reznor turned into something completely unique and blasphemous. It’s a tasty little ear bit that I’ve only come to truly appreciate nearly 20 years after it landed. And making my own music I can appreciate Reznor’s ear even more.

4 thoughts on ““My empire of dirt”…

  1. This album convinced me that Reznor was pure genius. Such dark, brooding masterpieces, and not for the faint of heart. I don’t listen to stuff like this very much anymore, but I still treasure this particular album.


    1. It’d been some time since I’d listened to The Downward Spiral. It was quite refreshing. I find myself concentrating more on the music and production, rather than Reznor’s lyrics these days.


    1. I couldn’t agree more about the Johnny Cash version. In some respects he even surpassed the original, making those lyrics mean much more than they ever had.

      And yes, 1994 will be 20 years since the release of The Downward Spiral. That makes me feel old.


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