I found an island in your arms, a country in your eyes…


Seemed for some time that it just wasn’t cool to like(heaven forbid love) the Doors. Well, cat’s out of the bag…I f*****g love the Doors.

My parents made the Doors an integral part of my short pants years. So many times as a youngster I can remember going to the basement and a haze was in the air, folks playing pool, cans of Strohs sitting about and the sound of ” Cars Hiss By My Window” filling the cool, smokey billiard cave. As I got older my brother(6 years older than me) fell hard for the Lizard King. He even resembled him for a time.

I’ve always had a soft spot for these L.A. poet blues pushers. All proficient, even prodigious at their instruments. But it’s that psychedelic blues mixed with Morrison’s Greek mythology and fatalist Nietzsche worshipping that kept me around. Theatrical, melodramatic, over-the-top, and self important. What more do you want in a Lizard King?

Self-titled belongs to a friend that is allowing me to keep it at Casa de Hubner while he ponders getting a new turntable. L.A. Woman? That would be the very same record that spun in that hazy basement, amongst cans of Strohs and pool cues.

4 Replies to “I found an island in your arms, a country in your eyes…”

  1. Hear! Hear!

    I’m sure I’d think otherwise if I’d been overexposed to the Doors, but there’s a certain cohesiveness and genuineness about their art that just works. The keyboards, the reverby bluesy guitar, and the dark vocals just work. That said, I own nothing by them and likely won’t just because I will still hear them accidentally quite a bit more than, say, the Besnard Lakes.


    1. Very true. You won’t likely hear BL on the local FM hangout for all things classic and/or rock. There is plenty that isn’t played ad nauseum on the radio that makes each of their albums a fun and inspiring listen.

      Except for The Soft Parade. Really subpar. Title track? Great. The rest? Meh.


    1. That copy of L.A. Woman is scratched to hell, but no skips and once the songs start up you can’t even tell. Adds character.

      We’re lucky we have pretty cool parents. They definitely helped shape the music obsessive I am today.


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