All Delighted People


Today called for some Sufjan. I think I can say with confidence that Sufjan is one of my favorite artists. The guy isn’t afraid to get batshit crazy. His last two albums are two of my favorite records in the last few years. The Age of Adz was one of the most strangest and wonderful records I have ever heard. It’s like a savant’s version of electronic music. Look inside that android’s chest and you’ll find a beating heart.

And All Delighted People EP??? It’s a 60 minute EP. Only Sufjan can do that. The 10 minute “Djohariah” is stunning. It’s like a alternate reality Crazy Horse jam.

So that’s what’s going on here.

4 Replies to “All Delighted People”

  1. I never could get into Sufjan, although I will way that Enchanting Ghost is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Overall, though, he has always left me flat. I gotta give him another shot.


    1. Enchanting Ghost is a wonderful song. I agree completely.

      Yeah, give Sufjan another shot. It took a friend buying me The Avalanche before I finally got into him. From there I couldn’t get enough. Had a chance to see him last December at one of his Christmas shows but didn’t end up going. Wish I would’ve now.


  2. I’ve been shushed and don’t know where my headphones are…
    Sufjan. Tomorrow morning. With a double shot of espresso.
    Because I’m giving up coffee.


    1. If I can, I’d like to make a suggestion…start out with Michigan, then make your way to All Delighted People. If your synapses are firing at full power, hit Illinois, then venture into the wild frontier that is The Age of Adz. That’s a good way to get acquainted with old and new Sufjan. To me, it’s all wonderful and amazing.

      He should go wonderfully with espresso.


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