No Joy-Wait To Pleasure

nojoywaittopleasurecover1No Joy have dropped an excellent surprise for us this spring. Wait To Pleasure is an immensely dense and noisy piece of shoegaze wonder to get lost into while we wait for the air to warm and the grass to green and the sky to clear. Fronted by two Canadian gals that make no qualms about their love of  making lots and lots of beautiful noise.

Album opener “E” is a cacophony of pretty vocals blanketed in distortion and crashing cymbals before being completely engulfed in fuzzy white noise. It’s a transcendent moment and a hell of a way to open a record. From the depths we rise into the slow, hazy beauty of “Hare Tarot Lies”. It’s a slow burner with an excellent bass line and vocal melody that brings to mind all those great Lush records from those dark, pre-Clinton days. There’s something quite addictive and alluring about the vocal interplay of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd. They’re the sweet center in the cavernous and explosive songs they create. With so many bands putting on their best Kevin Shields and Andy Bell impersonations it’s quite refreshing to hear these two creating their own special brand of ear trauma. “Blue Neck Riviera” goes in a slightly different direction, with an almost Crystal Castles sound;  more electronic but still dream-like in the sense you fell asleep at a Cure show and someone slipped headphones on your head with Depeche Mode playing at high volume. “Lizard Kids” and its fuzzy opening bass breaks through with a break neck rhythm and echoed vocals creating a dizzying, hallucinogenic track. “Lunar Phobia” sounds like Miki Berenyi fronting Stone Roses. “Wrack Attack” is another great mix of 4AD aesthetics;  pop music ran through the ether. “Uhy Yuoi Yoi” ends the album on a sorrowful note. Melancholy, lamenting, perfect.

Wait To Pleasure is something you’ve heard before. Maybe on a long car ride home in the middle of the night. Or possibly on your headphones lying in bed on a lonely Saturday night. But more than likely, it’s the echoes of a long forgotten dream. That music you hear somewhere between sleep and conscious. It’s the difference between sad and melancholy. Lonely and just alone. No Joy create the grey area of contemplation.

8 out of 10

9 Replies to “No Joy-Wait To Pleasure”

    1. I definitely go well with a cup of fine Columbian Blend. No Joy is accented quite nicely with a finely aged scotch, martini, or possibly a heavy stout beer. I’d probably go with the scotch or stout. Something shaken and/or stirred should be on the dance floor. But that’s just me.


    1. Not quite as dreamy as Cocteau Twins. More acidic…more messy. The vocals are more ambivalent…like another instrument, albeit a sweeter one. Whirr and Young Prisms come to mind. “Hare Tarot Lies” is quite lovely.


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