“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night”

red show

by E. A. Poorman

Eventually, all good things must come to an end.  A wonderful dinner, a great film, a relaxing car ride through the country, an emotional song.  I get all choked-up every time The Beatles’ “In My Life” ends.  I can go back and listen to it again, a hundred times in a row if I want, but each time I get that twinge in the pit of my stomach.  Unfortunately, bands we love come to an end, too.  One of  Fort Wayne’s finest indie bands is bidding farewell to the stage and are saying goodbye to the city on April 27th, 2013 at 9pm at CS3.  Omar Afzaal is bidding a fond adieu to the Fort and moving to Brooklyn for more opportunities.  He’s still a young guy.  He can do that sort of thing.  Though this won’t be the end of House of Bread per say, it will be the end of seeing Omar and his compadres in HoB hitting local stages and playing their exquisite brand of dream pop and indie squall.  Before Omar packs up the van for the last time and heads east, I contacted him and asked him some personal questions.

EAP:  Congratulations on your big move to Brooklyn.  What will you be doing in everyone’s favorite borough?

Omar Afzaal:  Thanks! I’ve already been scouting out local eats that I’ll immediately be checking out. I’ve got a “Top 3 Gyro Joints” list that I’m going to conquer too. Can’t wait. Besides that, I’ll be immersing myself in the city’s culture while also looking for jobs in teaching.

EAP:  At least you have your priorities in order(laughs).  So what does this move mean for House of Bread?  Will the band continue in truncated form?  Will you share music files via email, or will it become the bedroom project it started out as?

Omar:  I believe House of Bread will continue in a hybrid of a bedroom/internet-collaboration form. Bob, Zach, Phil, and I will be sharing files and working on it while I piece it together in New York. This is not unlike how we did our crazy covers project.

EAP:  How will you and Bob handle this?  You two seemed pretty inseparable?  Is he coming along?

Omar:  Bob and I are, indeed, inseparable. Actually, he is looking for possible career opportunities in New York and is going to attempt to join us there. He’ll be spending some time with us in NYC this summer to scout out jobs/apts. Hopefully it works out!

EAP:  Can you talk about the ‘goodbye’ show with TIMBER!!!?  It’s not only a farewell for the live version of House of Bread, but it’s also for a good cause, right?

Omar:  Yes, this will be our last live show as a full band. We’re planning on playing a lot of stuff we haven’t normally played…it’ll be a super-sized set. This show will mean a lot to me personally. It’s been crazy to see House of Bread grow from a half-baked bedroom project to a four-piece that released an LP and a 30-Song Covers Album.  Beyond that, it’s a fundraiser for Vive Le Rouge, the annual Aids walk. Definitely a wonderful cause. There will be a small silent auction as well as drink specials in the back bar, and computers available to start walk teams and donate to Vive.

EAP:  So what does the future hold for Omar Afzaal?  Any music plans for the near future?  With the move to an apartment in Brooklyn, maybe an intimate bedroom pop record?  A collab with Grizzly Bear?

Omar:  House of Bread will continue to be my main vein of musical output. However, I already have plans on starting a band with a guy who has lived in Brooklyn for a few years now and has already established himself in the Brooklyn music scene. I’m definitely looking forward to that. Next stop: Grizzly Bear  (harharhar).

With a guy like Omar Afzaal there’s really no limit as to what he can do.  The guy has been an absolute joy to follow over the years and has put out some stellar music.  All Nite Skate, Castles, and now House of Bread.  Quality music made by a stand up guy.  Not a bad thing can be said about him(and if there is, I’ll have a word with the troublemaker spreading rumors).  Seriously, the scene will have a massive hole where Omar once stood.  Let’s hope Brooklyn can appreciate what they’re getting in this songwriting gem.

So the date is Saturday April 27th.  The place is CS3.  The event?  The Red Show:  House of Bread and TIMBER!!!-And BRAVAS.  It’s for a good cause -North East Indiana AIDS Awareness walk taking place on May 4th at Headwaters Park- it’s also a bittersweet goodbye to one of Fort Wayne’s finest bands, House of Bread.  TIMBER!!! will be there to help keep the place loud and lively, and when you’re sad the best medicine is feeding your face, so grab a BRAVAS dog and drown those tears in dog and bun.

Here’s to you, Omar.  Best of luck in your future endeavors.  There’s always a stage for you to play on in Fort Wayne.

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