My Record Store Day: 4/20/13

The haul
The haul

The day is here.  Finally.  After waiting 364 days after Record Store Day 2012 we can all rest easy because Record Store Day 2013 is here.  If you’re still in bed right now guess what?  You missed out on the good stuff.  You needed to be in a line at 7:30am that slinked its way around a city block to get the good stuff folks.  Early bird gets the worm;  or in this case The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, BtSs Live, The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka, and any other highly regarded RSD release.  Even in my little neck of the woods as I pulled up at 7:55am there was a small group of folks lingering in front of Karma Recordswaiting to get in and finger their way through the exclusive goodies.  I thought maybe it was going to get ugly, but I decided to leave the taser and my brass knuckles in the glove box.

Glad I did.

It was a pretty cool crowd of folks.  Folks like me hungry for some exclusive spins.  Folks that geek out over album art, gatefold sleeves, 180 gram vinyl, and the words “remastered” and “reissued”.  We don’t take this day lightly.  We know if these exclusives aren’t purchased on this day some jerk off is will grab it and put it on Ebay for double or triple what we could get it for at our local brick ‘n mortar.  These are the turds of society that take advantage of our love for music and the artists that make the music that moves us and propels us through our lives.  I won’t give those charlatans any more time on this post.  This post is about the joy we all feel on this day.  So there.

What did I get you say?  Well I never thought you’d ask.  The Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Built to Spill Live, Tame Impala E.P., Moon Duo Remix, and Whirr Pipe Dreams.  Whirr wasn’t a RSD exclusive, it’s just one I’ve wanted for awhile now.

Currently I’m spinning BtS and it sounds absolutely amazing.  Putting this record on it made me remember how much I love this band.  I hadn’t spun any BtS in some time, so it’s a nice reminder as to why they ruled my ears at one point.  Listening to them live also reminded me of one my favorite concert experiences; seeing BtS at the Vic Theater back in 2009.  They were unbelievable.  Such a great show.

The Cure has been on my list for some time.  I haven’t been a fan of The Cure nearly as long as the hardcore folks.  One of my best friends has brought me along to three Cure concerts over the last 12 years or so and I’ve gradually grown a liking for them.  In the last four years though I’ve become a much bigger fan of Robert Smith’s brand of gothic, mopey pop.  And the fact that he could put 7, 8, 9 minute songs on records deemed “popular” just makes them that much more impressive in my eyes(and ears).  And who the hell doesn’t love “Just Like Heaven”?  If you’re reading this and you don’t, seek help.

Tame Impala has become one of my favorite current bands.  Kevin Parker is a musical genius, plain and simple.  No bones about it.  This was one of the first things I’d heard of theirs.  Nearly every track is a lo-fi, garage rock treasure, with a healthy dose of stoned indifference sprinkled on top for the beer-soaked jammin’ crowd.  “Half Full Glass Of Wine” is a damn masterpiece, as is “Skeleton Tiger” and “Wander”.  Great stuff.  Moon Duo wasn’t one I was necessarily planning on.  But once I saw it was there and the fact that I love their album Circles, I figured why the hell not?  Looking forward to that spin.  And Whirr?  Well that’s  been tempting me for about a month now so  I took plunge.

A couple I had in my hand and put back were Stephen Malkmus’ Can cover album and Joy Division’s Closer.  If the Malkmus remains I will probably grab it at some point.  I had a set amount of green in my wallet.  That’s what I spent.  I got what  I was looking for, that’s all I can ask for.

It was the best RSD yet for me.  I got some amazing titles and titles I was actually wanting, which is even better.  I want to say great job to John Vance and the folks that are helping him out at Karma Records in Warsaw, IN.  They brought a little of the big city RSD excitement to a town that otherwise would’ve completely ignored it.  Great job, Johnny V and his Karma crew!  And great job to every other independent record store out there celebrating RSD in style and fun.  Neat Neat Neat Records, Wooden Nickel Music, and Shooting Star Records in Fort Wayne, In.  Laurie’s Planet of Sound In Chi-town, Culture Clash and Ramalama in Toledo, and wherever the hell else folks are spinning vinyl, selling records, serving donuts, coffee, FRENCHdogs, cookies, cupcakes, and good vibes.

So, what did you get?

8 thoughts on “My Record Store Day: 4/20/13

  1. Nice booty! I wish I could’ve joined you. Your buys make me want to grow my album collection. I haven’t bought an album in … I can’t remember the last album I bought. I’ve gotten rid of all except the ones I love or associate with certain memories.


    1. Thanks!!

      You should totally re-grow that collection! Records and knitting…two very healthy hobbies. And they go great together, if your turntable is automatic. If not, knit close to the turntable.


  2. Moon Duo remix? As in someone turns it into an electronic dance record? Personally, I run from any ‘mix’ or ‘remix’ since it often sounds like something i like submitted to an electronic mangling. Should this be the exception?


    1. I really like it. Not sure they’re turned into dance floor rumblers. More like moody electronic android versions of the album tracks.

      If you can locate it online to preview you should. Then go from there.


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