Double Date, Movie Date: Evil Dead Remake

Evil-Dead-Remake-Poster-SmallYeah, I’m a real stand-up guy.  First movie date my wife and I have gone on in…well,…a long time, and I’m taking her to see the Evil Dead remake.  Not only that, but she can’t stand horror movies.  But let me explain…

I figured I’d be seeing this with one of my oldest and best friends.  We’ve been talking about seeing this movie for months, ever since the first teaser trailers were bestowed upon the internet.  My best friend and I, we’ve been into horror films since we were 8 years old; ever since watching Prom Night on network television on a crisp fall evening back in 1982.  Ever since then, it’s been ingrained in us.  Whether they’re good, bad, nasty, stupid, unwatchable even, we put ourselves through 90 minutes or so of visual and aural torture.  I’ll admit, we don’t waste our time with just any old flick anymore.  Well I don’t.  I let him fill me in and I make the call on whether I’ll watch it.  But for the most part, I still hold a soft spot for the 80s and their plentiful bucket o’ gore.  In particular, George Romero, Dario Argento, and a nerdy looking fella named Sam Raimi.  His Evil Dead trilogy back in the 80s was the quintessential example of what a filmmaker can do with a floss string budget(yeah, he didn’t even have a shoestring budget), a creative mind, and a bunch of friends willing to freeze to death in the Tennessee woods.  I loved all of his films, but the first film is the one that has stuck with me for all these years.  For the most part, the humor of Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness hadn’t quite been developed yet.  Evil Dead was grainy, viseral, shocking, and sh*t-your-pants scary.  I can remember watching it for the first time with my older brother and literally feeling sick to my stomach.  It made you queasy and it made you jump.  Over the years so many of those horror films of my youth haven’t aged well(much like milk, and Catherine Bach), but Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead?  It’s as gruesome as it ever has been.

So in this day of no original ideas, we have some new guy wanting to have a shot at B-horror movie history and update this gory classic.  My expectations aren’t really high, so it’s got a good chance of impressing me.  The Zach Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake completely took me by surprise back in 2004, so there’s always a chance this may as well.  Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producing, so that’s another check in the “pro” column.  It’s gotta be better than The Fog remake, or the aformentioned Prom Night debacle.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.

So, when I found out that my best friend’s wife was coming along, I thought I’d at least throw the idea out there to my wife about her possibly going.  She shocked me when she said she would.  She was under the impression that it would be similar to the slapstick-heavy sequels from the 80s.  I gave her fair warning it wouldn’t be like that.  So, we’ll see how she fares.  I’m very happy she’s going, and there will be buttery, oily popcorn to soothe the pain.  All in all, it should be a good time.

Next movie date, I’ll let her pick.  Maybe something with Ryan Gosling?  Like that Suspira remake he’s going to be in?  Or Matthew McConaughey in that sequel to Frailty?  Catherine Bach is in it as well I think.

We shall see.

6 Replies to “Double Date, Movie Date: Evil Dead Remake”

  1. Next time I will google the movie title and watch the trailer… However a date with the husband is always appreciated. And for the record, having seen the original and knowing the plot I didn’t find it sh*t your pants scary, just incredibly gory. I think my reaction was equivalent to what the husbands would have been had he taken our oldest to the Glee Live performance a few years ago. 🙂


  2. I remember having to walk home at night through about 1/2 mile of woods from my dish washing job when I was 17, after midnight, the day after seeing Evil Dead for the first time. I knew I was going to die…horribly.


    1. It was better than most remakes. Extremely gory. Probably the goriest film I’ve seen in the theater in recent years. Doesn’t stand up to the original? Since when do remakes ever? But for what it is, it’s very good.

      There were some nice tip of the hats to the original, as in sound effects and even in the rusted out Chevrolet in the back behind the cabin.


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