The PseudoSurfers

surfersIt seems many of my musical findings -at least the best ones anyways- are very serendipitous.  I stumble across a name and look it up on a whim.  A post somewhere sends me to a Bandcamp page that ends up being really great.  Cold Pumas, The Soft Moon, Moon Duo, and Whirr are just a few examples as of late where from out of nowhere I find myself listening to some amazing music that made itself known to me through rather cosmic circumstances.  Yesterday while perusing the pages of FB this band popped up on my stream called the PseudoSurfers.  “Shoegaze” and “noise pop” were mentioned in the description so I clicked on the link and checked them out.  I was sent to their Bandcamp page and proceeded to listen to their 5 song e.p. that seems to have been out since October of 2011.  How is it?

Is good.

Now, I’m not sure where this band is from.  I can’t tell from any of the info on their website where they hail from.  For all I know they could be from another time, or planet.  The tagline on their website is “Experimental/Shoegaze music for lovers”.  With Valentines Day tomorrow, what better time to check them out, right?

The band consists of Enrico M on guitars, vocals, and samples and Silvia S on bass and vocals.  Off the bat I was reminded of the Jesus And Mary Chain with the jagged guitars, but the whispered-like vocals put me in mind of It Hugs Back.  This vibe permeates all five songs, with the exception of the track ‘Space’, which I find hypnotic and quite beautiful.  For the most part, it’s a smorgasbord of MBV drone-y noise and vocals that come in and out of the noise just enough to remind you that there is singing.  ‘Jungles of Iran’ and ‘1664’ are harsh and sweet simultaneously.  There’s a mystery to these 5 songs that I haven’t unlocked yet.  At times there’s a Middle Eastern feel to these songs, but then a song like ‘Space’ pops up and puts you in this cloudy, meditative mood where it’s a cross between Cocteau Twins and Icelandic pop.  Like I said, it’s quite a wonderful track.

So serendipity, you’ve done it again.  You’ve opened my eyes to yet another band I otherwise would’ve never known even existed.  The PseudoSurfers are giving away this 5-songs e.p., so there’s no excuse not to head over to their Bandcamp page and download it.  You should also ‘like’ their FB page.  Maybe they’ll post some info about a full-length for 2013.  Or maybe some amazing recipe for hollandaise sauce.  I don’t know.  What do you have to lose?

Not a damn thing, that’s what.

4 thoughts on “The PseudoSurfers

  1. Woohoo! This made my barely-begun day! Great stuff.

    I went out and used my OCD research-y skills (I’m a scientist-type by day) and discovered some info about the band:
    – They’re Italian from Rome
    – They once appeared on a complication album including Flying Vaginas (?!?!)
    – Their leader (Enrico Brands) is also a classical composer

    If you’re willing to dig through google-translated italian there’s more. Search for “pseudosurfers bologna”. Why doesn’t “pseudosurfers Roma” work? I don’t know. I just had a hunch (Husband, a recent fav, is from Bologna) that worked for no good reason.



    1. Flying Vaginas?? Classical composer?? “pseudosurfers bologna”??

      They’re even cooler than I first thought! Nice job on the internet sleuthing. I was thinking they were Iranian due to the first song being titled ‘Jungles of Iran’, but that would be waaay too easy.

      Been meaning to check out Husband. I shall momentarily.


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