Luna Music

20130107-200739.jpgLuna Music in Indianapolis is a place I have to go to whenever I’m in Indy.  It’s essential that I stop there and buy at least two things.  You see, one album just isn’t enough.  Three on the other hand may be more than my budget allows(is there ever too many…really?).  So, when I’m in the Hoosier capital I always go to College Avenue and peruse the stacks of vinyl at Luna Music and leave with at least two spins.  Sometimes more, but never less.

I first found Luna Music on Massachusetts Avenue in Indy a few years ago.  My wife and I were killing some time before a concert at the Murat Theatre.  For the life of me I can’t remember what concert it was, but I imagine it was probably Wilco.  Anyways, we walked over a block or two and found Mass Ave.  This is a very cool plat of land located just a few blocks from downtown.  Filled with ultra-hip, ultra-cool shops run by people that know what they sell; whether it be children’s toys, dog treats, trendy eyeglasses, or in Luna’s case music.  I have to admit, when I first walked in there I kinda felt out of place.  This was before I started collecting vinyl, so the massive selection of records in the basement didn’t really mean much to me at the time.  I wasn’t used to going into a record store that didn’t have Spawn action figures, Scream movie posters, and Insane Clown Posse t-shirts hanging on the wall.  And there certainly wasn’t any Ozzfest alumni pushing through the house speakers.  This was a record shop conducive to a good couple hours of meandering and getting lost in the art of music buying.  So by the time I did start collecting vinyl Luna’s Mass Ave location had built up a massive collection of records.  I was astounded every time we went there at how much they had, and what they had.  But a couple years ago I came across an article about how Luna had closed their Mass Ave store.  I was devastated.  I hadn’t been to Indy for some time, so I had no idea.  I’d emailed them sending them my condolences.  Todd Robinson, Luna owner emailed me back thanking me for the kind words.  He let me know they were still going strong at their north College Avenue location and that I should stop by next time I was in Indy.  Well I did and I was blown away.  Staffed with folks instilled with the knowledge of Champion Vinyl employees, but without the pretentiousness and snarky comments(at least to anyone’s face).  They seem like they could answer any questions you’d have pertaining to anything from Guided By Voices to Gong.  Teenage Fanclub to Television.  And with an assortment of flair pins up at the counter, you can cover that vintage jean jacket with some awesome flair.

So if you’re in Indianapolis and you dig vinyl but you’ve never stopped at Luna Music on College Avenue,  then shame on you.  Make things right, dammit.  Stop in and spend an hour or three perusing the many stacks of wax.  Set the GPS for 5202 North College Avenue in Indy.  Be prepared to leave with much in your hands and very little in your wallet.  Can’t take it with you when you die, so you might as well spend it on the good stuff.

Here’s what I brought home with me the last time I was there…which was two weeks ago. Yeah, there’s more than two records there.

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